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O1508975_171769039837867_1852178233081062513_nur gallery opened in 1990. It is in the historic district of the city where, in the 18th and 19th centuries from Asia, camel caravans laden with carpets used to stop on their journeys from Asia towards the Black Sea. One of the room of our gallery was once used for camel stabling. The second, was a tavern shop, where traders sat on mats and bought and sold carpets. The mood has been preserved: the three hundred year-old building’s walls of the “caravans –saray” is still a place for people of different nationalities to meet and deal in carpets. 

Located as it is at the crossroads of Eurasia,Tbilisi is on the “Great Silk Road” and has always been considered a hub of trade and education. It is to Tbilisi where all sorts of carpets and rugs were imported from Asia, as well as other precious things. It was always considered a rich city. As well as trading, Georgia, made quality bags, carpets and rugs. In particular, Tusheti, Kakheti, Alwan and Akhaltsikhe were famous for their precious, high-quality products, skilled weavers, and the quality of local sheep and their wool.  

Our gallery collection includes both old and new Georgian, Dagestani, Armenian, Azeri, Iranian, Turkish and Central Asian rugs and carpetDSCN7887s.